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Egg & Roll Trailer

Egg & Roll Trailer

 € 400.00

Product Description

Egg & Roll bike and velomobile trailer

General info:

  • an innovative solution for bikers
  • drives smoothly and it is almost insensible when attached to a bike
  • the trailer leans together with a bike when turning
  • prevention from fall and oversteer
  • great aerodynamics provides driving comfort
  • almost none wind resistance thanks to the properly shaped body of the trailer
  • completely waterproof
  • equipped with a key lock (safety of transported objects)


Egg & Roll bike and velomobile trailer

Technical data:

  • dimensions: L 1040 mm, W 440 mm (dimensions are without a tow bar and with a wheel)
  • capacity: about 70 litres
  • load: 20 kilos
  • fixing: designed by PIMA velobike
  • wheel: 12 inches
  • chassis and body: glass fibre composites
  • trailer weight: 5,6 kilos (body – 2,65 kg, chassis – 2,25kg, fixing: 0,7 kg)
  • the trailer can be attached to a bike with wheels: 20, 24, 26, 28
  • standard colours available: standard colours available: check the RAL palette, metallic colour is extra charged

PRICE: 400 euro

As there is a great interest in various colours of our products we have decided to give our customers a possibility of choosing our products in any colour they want.
We hope our customers will appreciate this option.
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