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Why to ride a velomobile?

Ecological Cab Bike Velomobile

Why to ride a velomobile?

– a look at Cab Bike Hawk, the hybrid velomobile – a vehicle between a bike and a car

All around the world there are many eco-commuters who desire to commute in a safe and a comfortable way. Our intention is to offer them the high-quality product that will be customised to their individual needs.

Cab Bike Hawk is a perfect replacement for a car. There is no fuel needed to drive this velomobile so you still can be eco and travel being protected against any weather condition. The combination of qualities from both a car and a bike gives a rider advantages mixed in the one non-standard hybrid vehicle.

Nevertheless, Cab Bike Hawk is safer than any bike thanks to its body and specially constructed roll cage and non-standard lighting. It is just more visible than a traditional bike. We believe our hybrid velomobile is the perfect personal transportation compromise.

Imagine you can drive anywhere you need to go and don’t have to worry about a park place for your vehicle. What’s more you can ride it the places where cars are not allowed to. Legally Cab Bike Hawk is still a bike so you don’t need to pay for parking or worry about peak time traffic.

Need more advantages?

Here you are – riding Cab Bike Hawk is as good for your health as bike riding. Cab Bike Hawk is designed to give its rider the most comfortable riding position so that riding is more efficient. Thanks to the way it was designed Cab Bike Hawk is rider-friendly – good for your backbone and health. Cab Bike Hawk is a hybrid vehicle so in case you need it choose it to be a pedaler or a battery-driven or a power-assisted vehicle when you need the kick.

To be more user-friendly Cab Bike Hawk is equipped with some electronic accessories and there is a capacious boot and some space beneath the seat to put small items. In the front inner part of the vehicle you can find two small net pockets – ideal for some maps or papers.

Cab Bike Velomobile