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  • 1. What is law for velomobile?

    Law considers velomobiles are bikes so you can use the bicycle paths and lines to ride Cab Bike Hawk.

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  • 2. Do I have to register Cab Bike Hawk?

    In general you don't because legally it's a bike however, it is always better to ask your local traffic department for details as in some countries/states it could be necessary to register your bike equipped with an electric motor.

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  • 3. What is the law when it comes to an electric motor?

    It depends on the country/ state. You should get info from your local traffic department. In most European countries there is a limit for 250W, Switzerland and Canada 500W and the USA 750 and 999W. However a bike/velomobile must be a pedelec (it only supports pedalling, it is not allowed to ride only with the use of twist grip throttle) to not have to register it. That means the motor in your vehicle should be set this way it cuts power when you reach the limited speed 25km/h.

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  • 4. What is the difference between the Classic Cab Bike Hawk and Hybrid Cab Bike Hawk?

    Actually the main difference between them is in the drivetrain.

    Classic is a pedal velomobile (HPV) and Hybrid is a pedelec so

    Hybrid Cab Bike Hawk is Classic Cab Bike Hawk with an electric motor installed.

    Both Classic and Hybrid can be equipped with the same optional equipment (chosen by you) or be the simplest standard version of Cab Bike Hawk and they can visually look the same.

    In other words:

    Classic Cab Bike Hawk is a pedal velomobile (HPV) – it is powered only by a rider's legs exactly as a classic bicycle/tricycle/recumbent.

    Hybrid Cab Bike Hawk is a pedelec – so additionally equipped with an electric motor assist.

    Both Classic and Hybrid can look exactly the same because you choose the additional equipment to upgrade your velo, eg.air intakes on the front bonnet, the seat mattress, the big mirrors etc.

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  • 5. Can I change some standard elements of drive train or add some others to Cab Bike Hawk?

    Yes, you can, however some options are not possible because of the basic construction of Cab Bike Hawk so you should ask/ inform us about elements you are interested in to change in the stage of completing the preliminary contract.

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  • 6. How is Cab Bike Hawk different from any standard bike or other velomobiles?

    It is safer thanks to its body and specially constructed roll cage and non-standard lighting. It is just more visible in the traffic.

    Additionally already in standard it is offered with certified seat belts.

    What's more the monocoque bodyshell has got inner built-in reinforcements so in case of collision your own body is well protected.

    To rise the riding comfort Cab Bike Hawk offers you recumbent position - the most comfortable riding position so that riding is more efficient.

    Thanks to the way it is designed Cab Bike Hawk is rider-friendly – good for your backbone and health.

    To be more user-friendly Cab Bike Hawk (both Classic and Hybrid) is equipped with some electronic accessories and there is a capacious boot and some space beneath the seat to transport small objects. In the front part of the vehicle you can find two small net pockets – ideal for some maps, papers or cleaning clothes.

    To break the prevailing trend of a velomobile being only a racing vehicle taking advantage from being a "covered three-wheeled recumbent" Cab Bike Hawk emphasizes the aesthetic interior finish.

    Just like in cars – would you like to ride a car with bare metal interior around you? Not so pleasant, huh?

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  • 7. How fast can I ride Cab Bike Hawk?

    Using a planetary gear shift system that we offer you can get even 100 km/h no matter for the factors mentioned hereinbelow.

    Riding Classic Cab Bike Hawk, a pedal (HPV) version with standard gear system you can get about 40-60 km/h depending on a few factors: terrain, weight of a rider itself and his power possibilities, luggage and chosen equipment, too.

    It is essential to point that Cab Bike Hawk is not a racing vehicle. It bases on the idea of being a comfortable velomobile for people seeking comfort and aesthetics and taking care of their health and environment in the same time.

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